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(Model 100/102 - 26-3801, -3802, -3803)


The world's first laptop?  If not it would have to be one of them.  Tandy released these at the same time at the TRS-80 Model 4P luggable and it was pretty obvious which computer consumers wanted.  The 4P was more powerful but only sold in small numbers... the portability of the less powerful TRS-80 Model 100 and its successor the Tandy 102 helped set computing on the course to what eventually became the laptop and tablet computers we have these days.  Tandy sold millions of 100/102 series laptops and the rugged design means many of them still run as perfectly as they did nearly 30 years ago.


All my Model 100 systems are checked over, tested extensively and repaired as necessary.  They come with a 90 day warranty, just like Tandy used to offer, and friendly after-sales assistance should something go wrong after the 90 days is up. 




TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer (Cat No: 26-3802, S/N: 309010581)

PRISTINE CONDITION - IT'S LIKE NEW.   You will be hard pressed to find a better condition Model 100, and this is the harder-to-find 26-3082 24K version (most out there are 8K).  Needless to say all keys work well and no dead pixels on the LCD display. I would be surprised if this Model 100 is been used more than a couple of hours in its life! Runs on 4 "AA" batteries. $OLD includes 90 day warranty (just like Tandy used to offer). Trade-ins accepted.

Comes with: Printer cable, Modem cable.

Picture of the unit for sale:



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