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Dick Smith Electronics stores marketed the System 80 computer in the early 1980s as a cheaper alternative to the expensive Radio Shack TRS-80.  Whereas the TRS-80 was made by Tandy in the USA, the System 80 was made by Eaca in Asia.  The computer is fondly remembered by enthusiasts but has become very hard to find in recent times.  Some 11,000 System 80 computers were made, and only a few hundred of them are known to still exist.  When I can find them I'll list them here, as well as support parts to keep yours up and running.


All my System 80s are checked over, tested extensively and repaired as necessary.  They come with a 90 day warranty, just like Dick Smith Electronics used to offer, and friendly after-sales assistance should something go wrong after the 90 days is up. 



System 80/FreHD Adapter V2.0

For the System 80/Video Genie using the X-4020 or EG3014 Expansion Unit.  Use this to connect a FreHD to your System 80 or Video Genie.  Comes with everything needed (pictured below) and easy to follow instructions. 

Only $A85.00 +  postage.

Want a quick read of the installation instructions?  Download the PDF HERE.




Dick Smith System 80 Blue Label (S/N: 82 36496)

Blue Label "Third Generation" was the second of the System 80 line, and this one is in great shape.  No repairs were required by me and it works well.  Previous owner has doubled the internal memory to 32K.  It's yellowed some of the keys and the case but its not too bad and I've seen much more yellowed System 80s (look more like cheese than a computer).  Has a sound amplifier and speaker.  Comes in the original box.  Tested and working $OLD with 90 days warranty.

Picture of the unit for sale:




Spare parts to keep your System 80 up and running:

CGR-001 character generator ROM for Black Label $25

MM52116 character generator ROM for Blue Label $30

2102 Video Ram chip for Black Label $10ea

2114 Video Ram chip for Blue Label $10ea


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