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Looking for FreHD images, Auto Boot EPROM files, PIC updates and Hi-Res Auto Boot file?  Go to the DOWNLOADS page.


(Model I, III, 4, 4P, 4D)

(Updated 20th February, 2018)

Invented by Frédéric Vecoven in Belgium, the FreHD hard drive emulator enhances your TRS-80 with fast, unlimited, inexpensive storage on SD cards.  For insight into the design process of the fantastic FreHD, check out the inventors web site!


NEW!! F48: FreHD for 8in TRS-80s (II/12/16/16B/6000): $A149.00 or $USD109.00

System 80/Video Genie FreHD Adapter V2.0: $A85.00 or $USD63.99

Bare Naked FreHD: $A90.00 or $USD64.99

FreHD Kit C: $A175.00 or $USD149.99

FreHD Kit C for Diskless Model III or 4: NLA (just use a FreHD Clearly Superior kit)

BoHx: $A30.00 or $USD25.00

Hard Drive Cable: $A45.00 or $USD35.00

Auto Boot Eprom (all systems): $A25.00 or $USD20.00

Model I hard drive adapter: $A50.00 or $USD40.00

Quinnterface: $A125.00 or $USD95.00



So far more than 80 have been made and sold to TRS-80 enthusiasts in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Netherlands and Canada.  It's the best new product for the TRS-80 in decades!  Orders are being taken by email and usually shipped within 5 days.  Email being what it is, sometimes it doesn't get through, so keep trying!



F48: FreHD for 8in TRS-80s

(Released 1st Qtr 2022)

Who is it for? It's a FreHD but for the 8in TRS-80s, runs CP/M, TRSDOS-II, and Xenix! (Xenix requires a 68K processor system like a 16B or 6000, or upgraded II/12).  You need a Type-II HDA in your computer, and you are good to go!   


DSCF5558a DSCF5780


ONLY $USD109.00 + shipping



Dick Smith System 80/FreHD Adapter V2.0

(Added 17th July, 2018)

For the System 80/Video Genie using the X-4020 or EG3014 Expansion Unit.  Use this to connect a FreHD to your System 80 or Video Genie.  Comes with everything needed (pictured below) and easy to follow instructions. 


Only $A85.00 +  postage.

Want a quick read of the installation instructions?  Download the PDF HERE.



Bare Naked FreHD for TRS-80 Enthusiasts

 (Added 4th June, 2018)

It's completely assembled and tested and is only $64.99 so what's the catch?  It's designed for enterprising enthusiasts who need to supply their own cables and SD card, and make their own boot floppy diskettes or burn their own Auto Boot Eproms. Price reduction is achieved by eliminating every part not needed for basic operation, which leaves just the core SD card hard drive emulation and real time clock. Even the Information and Support CD is left out and it's contents is emailed to the buyer in a single very large ZIP file.


$A90.00 or $USD64.99 +shipping



A small neat enclosure for your FreHD!

(Added 1st January, 2015)

The FreHD is sold as a naked PCB which allows end-users to mount the device any way they like... inside the TRS-80, in a box, or just leave it a naked PCB on their desk.  People who like a simple solution asked if I could recommend a small, neat, sturdy box for their FreHDs, that didn't cost the earth.  I finally devised one which I now call the FreHD BoHx for $30+shipping which includes all the hardware needed to mount your FreHD.





(Added 29th June, 2014)

Due to the hard work of the FreHD team and Dean Bear in particular, the Model I version of the FreHD auto-boot EPROM is in beta test phase.  It's a major upgrade to your Model I system but if you can solder and add a small switch auto-boot is now within the reach of the most dedicated TRS-80 enthusiasts - the Model I owners.

This video shows the auto-boot Model I in action.


GREAT NEWS for people who are capable of burning their own EPROMs, the upgrade is free.  Just go to the downloads page to get the EPROM BIN file and installation instructions.

If you need me to supply a burned EPROM for your system, no problems!  They are $25ea



(Model III/4/4D)

(Added 10th November, 2013)


(Model I and 4P to follow soon)

The FreHD team are pleased to present a new product which greatly simplifies the start-up of FreHD-based TRS-80 Model I, III, 4 Non-Gate-Array.  A reprogrammed EPROM replaces one inside your computer, and with firmware update to version 2.13, and a small program on your SD card called frehd.rom your FreHD boots to a menu which allows you to choose which DOS you with to load off the SD card and run.  Goodbye to unreliable boot disks!

This video shows the menu system in action on a TRS-80 Model 4 with replaced ROM C.

GREAT NEWS for people who are capable of burning their own EPROMs, the upgrade is free.  Just go to the downloads page and get the correct BIN file for your computer and burn it to an EPROM.

If you need me to supply a burned EPROM for your system, no problems!  They are $25ea, and will be sent with a CD with everything you need to get your TRS-80 auto-booting off FreHD.  I still need info on your system, but so far this upgrade can be done to the Model I, Model III and Model 4 Non-Gate Array, Model 4 Gate-Array, 4D and 4P.   Model 4 Gate Array, 4D and 4P need experience in soldering.



(Added 18th August, 2013)

The last of the problems which was stopping FreHD working on the Model I have now been solved!  FreHD now works on the Model I as well as it does on the III/4/4P/4D.  I supply Model I FreHDs with LDOS 5.3.1 on which has support for all popular Model I modifications like lowercase characters, double density and double sided drives.  To use FreHD on a Model I you need a M1 HD adapter board, and you can it on the Newstuff page.


When I started taking orders for the FreHD unit we had one operating system we know ran properly, LS-DOS 6.3.1 for the Model 4/4P/4D.  Shortly after we added LDOS 5.3.1 support for Model III users so you can store all your favourite old Model I/III games on your FreHD SD-card and load them instantly!


(Added 21st July, 2013)

Thanks to the help of Gary Howarth in Sydney, we can now offer an auto-booting image for TRS-80 Model 4P owners.  The 4P has always had the ability to boot directly from a hard drive, but for whatever reason Tandy decided to keep it a secret and have a consistent booting sequence for all Z80 TRS-80s using a boot floppy.  Patches to 2 files on your hard drive could make it auto-boot without a boot floppy disk, and it turns out these patches also work on FreHD.  So I can now offer a 4P hard drive image of 4 partitions, total capacity around 30Mb, which auto boots on your 4P.  Anyone who wants it can have it for free, just DOWNLOAD it.

Montezuma CP/M 2.2 READY!

(Updated 18th August, 2013)

CP/M is now approved for use on FreHD for Model 4 users.  As a nice bonus, on the 4P it will even auto-boot!  It works well and comes with a version of VHD Utilities called VHDUTL/COM.  The other utilities (IMPORT2, EXPORT2, and FUPDATE) may be modified to work properly in the future but for now the FreHD CP/M image is supplied without them, and feedback from CP/M users is they can get by without them; they are just happy to have a fast reliable hard disk system.


I started getting emails from CP/M enthusiasts and asking if FreHD was compatible with Montezuma CP/M 2.2 as an operating system, and J. Andrew Quinn tested it out and got it successfully running in four 7.5Mb partitions (Drives A: through D:) spread over 2 files on the SD card.  He then made some modifications to VHDUTL/CMD to become VHDUTL/COM, a specially patched version of VHDUTL/CMD for the CP/M world.



(Updated 10th November, 2013)

The last great Model I/III operating system, NEWDOS/80 did have hard drive support in its version 2.5 variant.  Enthusiasts Brett Paulin, Ray Whitehurst, J. Andrew Quinn have been working on getting NEWDOS/80 2.5 working on FreHD and I believe they have been getting encouraging results.  If you thought TRS-80 operators had too many options with PDRIVE settings, just wait till you add hard drive configurations into the mix!  Currently in the testing phase, I should have it ready to release as an alternative operating system to LDOS for those who prefer it.


I've made a few videos to show the FreHD working, to help people decide if the device suits their needs:

Video 1: Compares the FreHD with an actual TRS-80 MFM Hard drive.

Video 2: Shows what comes with Kit C, how to connect it and get booted up.

Video 3: Shows CP/M 2.2 running on FreHD.

Video 4: Shows 4P auto-boot LS-DOS 6.3.1 and CP/M 2.2

Video 5: Shows FreHD working on the TRS-80 Model I

Video 6: Shows FreHD auto-booting on a customer's Model 4

Video 7: Shows the auto boot menu system on a Model 4

Video 8: Shows FreHD Kit for Diskless Model III and 4

Video 9: Shows FreHD auto-booting on a Model I

Video 10: Shows how to update the PIC firmware on FreHD



Have a read of our Knowledge Base and other information to decide whether you wish to buy a completely assembled FreHD or a Kit form which will need to be soldered together and parts supplied.


FreHD Utilities Suite

How to set up LS-DOS Boot Floppy Disk



It's easy to order Frédéric Vecoven's SD card Hard Drive Emulator (called the FreHD from now on).  Just send me an email outlining the items you wish to buy, what computer you wish to use it on, your choice of DOS - LDOS for Model I or III or LS-DOS or CP/M for Model 4/4D/4P), and I will send you my direct deposit details or if you're outside Australia I can accept PayPal payments. 


For those after more details and discussion on the FreHD drive check the following web sites: Fred Vecoven, Yahoo TRS-80 group, JAQ, and VCF.


FreHD Kit C - is the fully assembled kit, tested, partitioned and loaded with DOS
ready to plug into your Model III, 4, 4D or 4P. Boot floppy disk, and hard drive cable (pictured below) included $A175 ($USD149.99)


(Kit C is completely assembled and tested, ready to plug in and use)


Hard drive cable - to connect the emulator or a regular TRS-80 hard drive to a Model III/4/4D/4P (NOTE: if you already have a TRS-80 hard drive you don't need this cable) $A45



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